5 Really Good Reasons to Sell Your Home Now

house for sale

The White-hot Market for Sellers is Shifting It’s been a seller’s market for a few years. Those who have wanted to move (or sell to take advantage of the market) have had and easier time. However, several factors indicate that landscape is shifting. The hot seller’s market may be beginning to cool. If you have … Continued

Pricing Your Home Like an Expert

pricing your home

How savvy MN sellers come up with the right price Home pricing takes research an a certain amount of detachment. Homeowners have a tendency to remember everything they have put into a property and price with their heartstrings instead of the most realistic tools- cold, hard data. Savvy sellers know that reviewing numbers will always … Continued

Building a Lake House

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Basic steps to building a MN lake home Lake homes in West Central Minnesota come in all shapes and sizes, from a weekend cabin all the way to a palatial estate. Most fall somewhere in between, with a moderate size home. The planning process can take a bit of time. So if you are considering … Continued

We Love MN- Even at -40 Degrees!

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Why we still love West Central Minnesota Facing record lows in West Central, we figure you might need a few reminders of why we love Minnesota. 40 degrees is the new 75. When anything above zero is a heat wave, you can deal with 40 below. And 40 above? Well break out the shorts and … Continued

Minnesota Real Estate Market Report

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RE trends that will affect 2019 There is so much to love about Minnesota, from lakes and recreation to the “Minnesota Nice” attitude. As real estate activity slows during the holidays, it is a good time to look at what the market is doing. If you are planning on buying or selling, we can help … Continued

Interior Design Trends 2019

Interior Design 2019

What is “In” according to designers With world attention on climate change, it should come as no surprise that there is a move in design toward natural materials such as stone, granite and concrete and fresh elements such as plants and flowers. Incorporating organic elements will keep a space natural and serene. Photo from South Shore … Continued

Hot Tips for Selling in Winter

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Preparing for a good winter showing Houses don’t typically sell well in the winter. Chilly weather discourages buyers from looking, and dull winter light can make even the best homes look dreary. However, if you are compelled to sell over winter, there are some strategies to showcase your home with a warm ambiance. Here are … Continued

Condo Buying Tips


What to Look for in the Condo Documents Condos offer a wonderful low maintenance lifestyle and are often a more affordable option. When you purchase a condo, you are also investing in the association that oversees the property. Before making a commitment, there are several documents that should be reviewed, and important questions to ask. … Continued

Does Your New Neighborhood Have Broadband?

Rural Broadband

An update on broadband service in Otter Tail County There are many parts of rural Minnesota still underserved with slow, or even no internet, but for Otter Tail County, broadband connectivity is improving. What is broadband? Today’s “high speed internet” is more accurately defined as “broadband”- high-speed Internet access that is always on and uses several high-speed transmission … Continued