Deferring home maintenance could mean costly repairs down the road. Gutters, painting and decks are three outdoor areas that not only need maintenance, they will help preserve your home and make it more attractive should you decide to sell.

With limited summer days, you may be reluctant to spend time on home improvement. However, carving out a bit of time now will save costly repairs later. Take advantage of the summer weather to repair damage and protect your home for the coming year. Not only are these good maintenance projects, they will improve the look and appearance of your home if you are considering selling in the future.

🍂 Clean out gutters

It may not seem bad now, but even a little bit of overflow can rot fascia boards underneath gutters and seep into soffits. Water hitting the house can keep wood window trim wet, speeding up wood rot. While you are cleaning, check for leaks and breaks in the gutters.

🎨 Painting

Maybe you’ve notice a few areas of peeling paint, or even just some fading. Taking the time to repaint will protect the surface against further damage from the sun and moisture, and also help your property look great!

⬛️ Deck re-do

If your deck is looking worn out, it might be time to seal it, and stain or paint it. Make it look new again by staining or painting. It’s also great preventive maintenance. Resealing a deck will preserve the wood, preventing rot and chips. If you let the deck go too long, it will need to be replaced, which could mean an expense of thousands of dollars that could have been prevented.

These three simple exterior projects are also great if you are considering selling your home or cabin. Good preventive maintenance will show buyers you have taken good care of your home.

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