You may be drawn to our beautiful rural areas for elbow room and a quieter pace of life and virtually no traffic. The longest waiting line around is at the town Dairy Queen on a warm summer evening. If you are a rural transplant, or thinking of becoming one, there are a couple cultural quirks to embrace when adapting to country living.

🗣 I don’t like to repeat gossip, so listen close…

You can have all the solitude you want on your acreage property, but if you run into town for groceries or supplies from the hardware store, expect to chat. In smaller population areas people tend to know each other. A once a week trip to town is also a chance to catch up on local news (ok, gossip). To really get a sense of the charm of rural life, pick up a small town newspaper or go to high school baseball game. Notice the same group of seniors having coffee at the corner café each week. Weigh in on deep conversations about fishing at the bait shop or the latest sewing project at the quilt store.

It’s because we live rural that shopping at a country store can be an adventure in itself. There is no neighborhood convenience store, so trips to town are less frequent and something to look forward to. So, former urban dwellers, don’t be offended by questions or unsolicited advice. The lumber yard may actually be interested in what the heck you’re building, and then direct you to the farmer’s co-op for seed or dog food, where you’ll get another load of advice. Take time to slow down, get to know your neighbors and enjoy the experience.

👥 Are you related to…

Now the flip side to this country warmth is a little suspicion of outsiders. People will ask where you are from. Even if you are not from anywhere around here, they will ask if you are related to so-and-so, based on your last name. They want to know who your people are, and if you have any roots connecting you to the area. Fear not, if you share the friendly, down-to-earth nature of your rural neighbors, you won’t be a stranger for long.

It can’t be said that crime never happens here, but you’ve landed in one of the most beautiful areas in the country where you can walk, drive and live in relative safety, with ample opportunities to enjoy nature.

Welcome to the country!

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