10 Ways to Attract Autumn Home Buyers

Temps may be cooling off in West Central Minnesota, but fall real estate is almost as hot as summer around here. In fact, it is the second-best time of the year to sell a home. It’s a bit of quieter period, when kids are back in school and before holiday festivities and bad weather kick in. Take advantage of this period of calm to sell your home.

Here are some great tips for attracting the autumn home buyer:

  1. Clean and Maintain the Yard

Fall leaves are beautiful, but not when they muck up the yard. Rake dead leaves and keep debris cleanded up. Trim back tree limbs and bushes, including keeping vegetation away from windows. This will let the sub shine in.

  1. Create Fall Curb Appeal

fall flowersA colorful pot of fall flowers, such as mums or marigolds will last for quite a while (you can set them inside if an early frost is expected). A burst of yellow flowers and pumpkins of various sizes along the front steps or near the door creates a warm welcome.

  1. Maintain the Windows

Changing weather can make your windows dusty and streaked in autumn. Thoroughly wash windows inside and out. Remove, wash and store screens. And, even though it’s a hassle, make sure and do a little touch up on all prominent windows before each showing, including inside where kids or pets may have left smudges. Windows add sparkle and show good upkeep in a home.

  1. Check the HVAC

A new air filter will help keep the air in your house fresh as you crank up the furnance for the first time this fall. Firing it up also gives you a chance to discover any problems and get them resolved before your home goes on the market.

  1. Don’t forget the fireplace

candlescapeSince your fireplace was not used over the summer, make sure it is scrubbed clean. During a showing, create a nice display of unlit logs, or a candle scape. If your fireplace is gas, ask your agent’s advice on lighting it before leaving. Fire should always be attended. An alternative is decorating with battery operated flameless

  1. Prepare the great aroma of fall

A pot of hot apple cider with whole cinnamon sticks on the stove will spread the scent autumn. And here’s a handy shortcut to spread the smell of fresh baked cookies: Buy a tray of snickerdoodle or vanilla flavored slice and bake cookies and stash them in the freezer. A half hour before a showing, break off two and bake them in the toaster oven. When done, open the oven door for 10 minutes prior to showing time to fill the home with a freshed baked scent. Close the door (but leave the cookies) before guests arrive. Also, a bowl of crisp red apples makes a great fall addition to kitchen décor.

  1. Set the Mood Musically

Any soft instrumental music like light jazz or slack key guitar make a good background for home sales. Just make sure to keep the volume low, so buyers can talk to their agent about how much they love your home.

  1. Utilize Autumn Accent Colors

fall pillowsClear out the clutter and tone down any family autumn decorations, but do add some fall color around the home. Accessorize with a warm autumn quilt, throw blanket or toss pillows. You don’t need to dump a lifeless sofa when you can accessorize its dullness with bright red, orange and/or golden yellow pillows. Toss a quilt or autumn-colored throw over a chair. Keep in mind the decorator’s key of accessorizing in odd numbers- group accent pieces in in 3’s and 5’s. If you add a red accent to a room, make sure a red tone appears two other places in the room. Décor should be tasteful and updated, but doesn’t have to be expensive. A tall pillar candle surrounded by fall leaves, pine cones and whole in-the-shell nuts makes a pretty table centerpiece.

  1. Turn on all Lights Everywhere

Above all, bring in the light. When days get shorter, the sun sets lower in the horizon and casts wider shadows. Pull up the blinds, open the shutters, push back the drapes on every window. Turn on every light in the house, including appliance lights and closet lights. Brighten darker rooms with few windows by placing spotlights on the floor behind furniture and turn on lamps. Make sure and turn the TV off.

  1. No tricks, just treats

A nice ceramic bowl with fall candy next to where your realtor has comment cards is a way to get buyers to pause, and leave a sweet taste in their mouth as they leave your home.

For more advice on how to prepare your home for an autumn sale, drop us a line at info@homesandlakeshore.com. We’d love to help.

10 Ways to Attract Autumn Home Buyers
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10 Ways to Attract Autumn Home Buyers
Some great advice for autumn home sellers. Take advantage of the second best time of year to sell your home, with these tips to attract fall buyers.
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