In the third year of a global pandemic, the top design trends are focused on our hearts to help us feel emotionally comfortable. Our senses are being drawn to earthy colors in fabrics or our paint choices, soft furniture, and anything that feels warm and cozy, like an enveloping hug.

People are really examining what they desire, whether it’s functionality or theme-inspired décor, to find what they want to live with, and more importantly, love day in and day out for years to come.

Check out the top trends for 2022

You may need some love in your life, but some brown earth tones here and there won’t hurt. Enjoy these earthy shade on your walls to bring in a rich, elegant look. Neutral colors and the orange of the 1970s are taking a back seat to the rich browns, caramels and camel colors that blend well with other colors. With homes serving as office spaces, it’s no surprise people are incorporating rejuvenating, calming greens to bring the outdoors in. In fact, Sherwin-Williams recently unveiled Evergreen Fog, a gray-green, as its color of the year.

Also in is anything nature-inspired, from objects to surfaces, to add depth and visual interest. These organic materials, from stoneware, backsplashes, furniture, and even decorative objects, mimic the restorative atmosphere of the outdoors. Nature is full of rich textures which can be created indoors as well.

Softly curved furniture appeals to our subconscious as friendly, welcoming, and safe. These luxuriant pieces covered in leather and curved lines are sensual and gracious, inviting weary workers to sink into their softness.

Dual purpose
Heading into yet another year of COVID variants, our homes continue to serve as work centers – kitchens are conference rooms, with the kitchen table doing double duty as the new workstation. Dining rooms and bedrooms are being refitted with desks or exercise equipment. But they desire more than just the functionality of an office, they crave an intense emotional attachment – they want evidence of the traditional romance these spaces offer.


Does vintage ever go out of style? We think not. Older pieces bring rich beauty, warmth, and sentimentality to a room, reminding us of our history. We are in love with the timeless lines of the past and yet they are stylish and sustainable. Refreshing a damaged piece into something new reduces our footprint, bringing new spirit into a room.

If you are looking to sell in this continued competitive market, contact our Homes and Lakeshore team and let us help you showcase the best in your home with new design trends. Let us help you find people who will love your home as you do.