Why we still love West Central Minnesota

I love MNFacing record lows in West Central, we figure you might need a few reminders of why we love Minnesota.

  1. 40 degrees is the new 75. When anything above zero is a heat wave, you can deal with 40 below. And 40 above? Well break out the shorts and flip flops.
  2. Minnesota Nice was born here. If you are stranded by the side of the road or accidentally drive into a snow drift, you can pretty much count on several passersby coming to your rescue.
  3. Even if you live in town, you live rural. You can go just a few minutes in any direction and be in an area to go hiking, fishing, biking or hunting.
  4. Your have bragging rights about our shoreline. When your friends in California, Hawaii and Florida tease you about their water access, you can remind them that Minnesota has more shoreline than all three of those states combined.
  5. Our Viking heritage. Vikings arrived in Minnesota long before Columbus sailed by in 1492 to land in the Bahamas (he did not land in North America). We have the Kensington Rune Stone discovered near Alexandria, MN in 1898 to prove it.scotch tape
  6. Minnesota is home to some great inventions. The stapler, duct tape, scotch tape, Tonka trucks and spam to name a few!
  7. The best apple in the world. The Honeycrisp apple was groomed here. Yum! No wonder we make the BEST apple crisp!
  8. We have great access to health care. The Mayo Clinic is close by. Innovative medicine includes the first open heart surgery, performed at the University of Minnesota.
  9. The snowmobile was invented here. What a great way to love nature’s bounty of fluffy white powder!snowmobile
  10. We know we have more than 10,000 lakes. If you don’t live on or near a lake, you likely know someone who does to go hang out during the summer. And there are plenty of choices to put your ice house on during the winter.
We Love MN- Even at -40!
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We Love MN- Even at -40!
Brrr! With record lows, it is a good time to remember why we love this winter wonderland. .
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