How Homeowners Can Help in the Selling Proces

Family MovingThere are many reasons homeowners may have to sell their home fast- a new job, a move out of state or financial circumstances are just a few. In addition to hiring a great realtor, there are steps homeowners can take to ensure a speedy sale. Setting the right price and making a good first impression with the home’s appearance are key, but there are a few other things you may not have thought of. Here are the top 7 tips homeowners can do for a timely sale:

1. Set the right price from the start

Setting a high price then negotiating down not only does not work, it could result in a lower selling price and a home that sits on the market. By overpricing a unit, you miss the prime early selling period to your best likely buyers. Agents may get the impression that a seller is not serious or unwilling to reasonably negotiate when a home is overpriced against the competition.

“We show clients several comparable properties that are listed and sold in their area to support our pricing advice,” said Tom Verhelst of Keller Williams Realty Professionals. “It’s important to keep in mind a property is worth what the market will pay, not what you think it is worth.”

2. Curb appeal counts

The first impression a buyer will have of your property is driving in the driveway and walking up to the front door. Try anfront doord view your home from this perspective. Remove all clutter, including that old swing set, junk car and outdated patio furniture. Address any “deferred maintenance” items.  A tidy yard and exterior shows buyers a home is well taken care of. Simple touches like re-seeding the lawn, adding some outdoor flowers or repainting the front door go a long way in making the home look welcoming.

3. Freshen up the interior and exterior

Paint is one of your best friends when getting ready to sell, as an affordable way to give a home a fresh new look while toning down personal color choices. Choose a neutral palette, such as a pale gray which is currently in style. Replacing outdated fixtures- especially faucets and light fixtures- will make the home feel updated. Freshening up landscaping will also add to a home’s appeal. Even just pulling weeks and adding a new layer of landscaping bark makes an amazing improvement. Line the path to the door with solar lights for an added designer touch.

4. Clean and declutter


cluttered kitchen

Start early removing what is not absolutely necessary in the home, including stowing items from kitchen and bathroom counter tops. With fewer knickknacks and extra furniture pieces the spaces

will appear larger. Remove personal items- photos, religious symbols, political posters and other items that make a space uniquely you, so that a potential buyer can envision themselves in the space.

Another impactful strategy is to remove large bulky furniture. You and the dog may love lounging on the huge overstuffed sofa, but when it takes up a large part of the room, is worn or outdated, it will make the whole space unappealing. Sell it and replace it with a small-scale sofa for staging purposes. Hint: our team offers staging advice, or ask us about full staging services.

A thorough pull-the-fridge-out and scrub surfaces type deep cleaning is also essential. You may have gotten used to the water spots on your glass shower door or the scuffs along the baseboard, but buyers looking with fresh eyes will notice. Consider investing in a deep cleaning service to help out.

5. Stage the rooms with a purpose

If you have taken over the dining room as home office, convert it back to a dining room. Alternately, take the dining room table out and stage is as a dedicated home office. Remove the extra bed from the den, and turn it back into a relaxing TV room, library or relaxation space. Clear out the boxes from the “extra” room and make a guest room or study. The point is, each room should have a clear purpose, not be serving multiple functions or a receptacle for junk.

6. Be ready for buyers

The first month your home is on the market will be the most active, especially the first two weeks. Be prepared to keep the home tidy. The more flexible you can be about visits at various times of day, night and on weekends with little notice, the more people will see your home.

One homeowner shared that she would pop a couple of raw frozen chocolate chip cookies into the to toaster oven before a showing. A little spritz of vanilla or sugar cookie scented air freshener works good for kitchen smells too.

7. Remove pets and accessories

Ideally, a buyer should not even be aware a pet lives in the home. Hide pet food bowls, beds, scratching post and litter boxes. Vacuum and make sure to deodorize any pet areas.

We will take care of expertly marketing your home for sale, but there are many ways homeowners can make their home more appealing to buyers to sell faster for the right price. If you would like advice on preparing you home for sale before you list, please drop us a line at info@homesandlakeshore.com or use the “contact us” form.

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