Summer Outdoor DIY Projects and Cautions

deck project

Make a Plan Before Attacking Outdoor Projects With our looong Minnesota spring, you might be anxious to dig into some major outdoor home improvement. Decking and landscaping are two of the most popular summer projects. But along with these sweat equity feats can come some pretty significant fails. So while you’re creating your lumber store … Continued

Buying Investment Property

How Financing a Rental Property Gives You Leverage in Real Estate Investments Interested in purchasing investment property? This could mean a home you rent out, an apartment building or other income producing real estate. The key to successful investing is using leverage. What does leverage in real estate mean? Leverage in real estate simply means … Continued

Searching for a Family Home

Kid-considerations when purchasing a home Buying a home for a growing family is an exciting process, with many things to take into consideration. Your wants and needs are important, but kids have some requirements too, and they will change as they get bigger. This guide will navigate you through buying a home with kids so … Continued