Planning a garden in your new home this spring? We used to farm and garden all the time, but modern life made us more detached from this human practice. However, new research shows that gardening has many health benefits that improve everything from the aging brain to physical conditioning. Also, gardening puts us back in touch with microbiomes we need to stay healthy.

Research also shows we need to act aggressively on the climate crisis, and increasing what we grow is a great way to help. Reports say we have 12 years to address the climate crisis and about 60 years of healthy topsoil left to grow food. Our food system emits between one quarter and one third of the world’s greenhouse gases.

There is already too much carbon in the air, so we need to slow the pollution we’re emitting. To slow the warming of the atmosphere, we also need a way to drawdown carbon.

Agriculture and gardening pulls carbon out of the air and slows emissions. This is where exercising good decision-making can make a difference every time we eat or work in the garden.

Green America is working with large farms and companies to do this but large-scale change takes time. Gardeners are encouraged to blaze this trail in their backyards to put the world ahead of the curve.