Follow these easy strategies this summer to save on cooling costs, and you will continue to see energy savings all winter long.

The hottest days of summer have something in common with the winter chill around the corner: temperature extremes mean higher energy costs at home.
Follow these tips to save on energy bills this summer, and also see savings on heating bills as we head into fall.

🆒 Control temps efficiently

Install a programmable thermostat to reduce air conditioning use during during the day, when you are away, and overnight. The upgraded thermostat will be useful during the winter to keep heat costs under control.

🔘 Close up the gaps

To keep heat out now (and keep it in this winter) block gaps under doors with a draft blocker from the hardware store, caulk and add weather stripping around windows and doors and add insulation in the attic.

⛔️ Stop window heat loss

Replace old, inefficient windows with new energy efficient ones. They will pay for themselves within a couple of years through cooling and heating savings.

🚫 Don’t block air vents with drapes and furniture

Close drapes during the hottest part of the day. In winter, let the sun shine in, but close drapes at other times to insulate against cold.

♻️ Change the filters in your air conditioning system

Change the filters in your air conditioning system (and later on in your furnace) every month, or as recommended by the manufacturer for optimum efficiency.

These strategies should produce substantial year-round savings on your energy bill.

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