We are lucky to live in the middle of lakes country! There are over 1000 lakes just in Otter Tail County, and over 3,000 in the region.

There are far more acres of water than people here, providing great opportunities to find your incredible piece of lakeshore. Recreate on crystal clear water, with bountiful game fish, or relax on sugar sand beaches, surrounded by towns with distinct character. We are experts in the different lake communities. Contact us to discuss your vision of paradise!

Want to explore more about area lakes? We’ve gathered comprehensive information and maps on 424 of the named lakes in Otter Tail County and Grant County. So click on this free guide, and get ready for all kinds of recreation on the water.

West Battle LakeFun Facts About Area Lakes

–The lakes in Minnesota were formed as glaciers receded during the last ice age.

–Otter Tail County has 1,048 lakes, which is the most lakes of any county in the United States.

–The 10th largest lake in the state is in Otter Tail County. Otter Tail Lake covers 13,725 acres!

–Founding fathers didn’t communicate very well when naming lakes. There are a lot of duplicates! There are 115 lakes in Minnesota that contain the word “Long”. Coming in second is “Mud”, which is used 92 times. Third most used is “Rice”, covering 78 lakes.