How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax on a Home Sale

Calculating Capital gains

When your home is worth far more than what you paid for it, you might expect to make a tidy profit when selling. However, you may end up  paying capital gains tax too. Depending on how long you have owned your home and market conditions, this amount can be significant. Here are tips to limit capital gains tax liability when selling, or thinking about selling in the future.

Why Single Women are Outpacing Men in Home Ownership

Here’s a statistic we couldn’t help digging into a little deeper- almost twice as many single women are becoming homeowners vs single men. According to data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 19% of all homebuyers are single women, while only 10% are single men. And the number of single female homeowners is growing, and for good reasons.

Top 3 Tips to Sell Your Home in 2024

If one of the goals on your list is selling your house and making a move this year, you’re likely juggling a mix of excitement about what’s ahead and feeling a little sentimental about your current home.

A great way to balance those emotions and make sure you’re confident in your decision is to keep these three best practices in mind when you’re ready to sell.

The Dramatic Impact of Homeownership on Net Worth

Among the many benefits of owning a home, net worth is something that can move your investment portfolio forward. If you’re trying to decide whether to rent or buy a home this year, here’s a powerful insight that could give you the clarity and confidence you need to make your decision.

The Top 3 Housing Market Questions You May Be Wondering About

When it comes to what’s happening in the housing market, there’s a lot of confusion going around right now. You may hear one thing in conversation with your friends, see something totally different on the news, and read something on social media that contradicts both of those thoughts. And, if you’re thinking about making a move, that can leave you with a lot of lingering questions. That’s where a trusted local real estate agent comes in.

The Advantage to Selling in a Low Inventory Market

When it comes to selling your house, you’re probably trying to juggle the current market conditions and your own needs as you plan your move. One thing that may be working in your favor is how few homes there are for sale right now. Here’s what you need to know about the current inventory situation and what it means for you.

Buying a House in a Tough Market vs. Renting

🏠💰 Considering buying a house in a challenging market? Some may be put off by higher interest rates or lack of inventory, but there may be other compelling reasons to jump in. 📈 Here’s why it’s still a smart move compared to renting!

Strong Job Market Keeps Homebuyer Demand High

The spring housing market has been surprisingly active this year. Even with affordability challenges and a limited number of homes for sale, buyer demand is strong, and getting stronger. One way we know there are interested buyers right now is because showing traffic is up. 

Know the Right AC System for Your Home

AC units are our favorite appliance during record-breaking high temps. But when they are on the fritz, life can be miserable! An HVAC system (for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) is what keeps a home cool in the summer and warm during the winter. You can also justt add AC.But not all AC units are built the same, and there are several different types. So, let’s dive in and see which one is right for you.

Resolutions to Help You Buy a Home This Year

Would you like to buy a new home, or first home, this year? Getting your finances into shape and a couple other key strategies will help you improve your home-buying odds. It’s a competitive market, so do everything you can to come out on top.